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Next IA Book Club will be on Tuesday 15th of May.

The book will be:
The Simplicity Shift: Innovative Design Tactics in a Corporate World
It looks interesting and short.

It's Leisa's choice as she hosting us at Flow Interactive @ 7pm
directions: http://flow-interactive.com/office.shtml

Email [email protected] if you want to come (anyone welcome)

As usual David will buy a couple of loan copies if you don't want to buy it. Email him quickly if you want one of these loan copies.

Amazon synopsis:
High tech products have historically had notoriously poor design. Fortunately, companies have recently started to embrace user centered design practices. This transition hasn't been smooth, however, as many companies have trouble transferring good design into final, shipping products. There is a political/cultural disconnect between the corporate desire for good design and the corporate culture that implements it. The Simplicity Shift is about shifting a company's culture to value, discover and implement Simplicity, creating well designed products. For most companies, Product Design is not a first class citizen, it is something locked into a 'design department' and done as a subtask of a larger sequential process. For companies to truly create breakthrough, easy to use products, they must elevate design so that its terms and tools are shared by everyone in the team. Design is a strategic tool that must become a part of how everyone in the company thinks, acts, and, most importantly, makes decisions.

Added by leisa on April 19, 2007