Berkshire House, 168-173 High Holborn
London, United Kingdom, England WC1V 7AA

The Real-time web is coming and you better be ready!

James Lewis and Meinhard Benn are going to be participating in a Push-off to determine the heavyweight Real-time Web champion of London Town.

Will Websockets own your browser or is XMPP going to be in your Javascript updating your statuses?

Official Website:

Added by rrees on August 10, 2010


meinhard benn

XMPP over BOSH sooo beats WebSockets. :) However, my strophe.js talk is not completely structured yet - feature requests welcome!

meinhard benn

Here is what I will do:
1. Introduction to XMPP and BOSH
2. strophe.js vs. WebSockets
3. Live coding a small pub-sub application with strophe.js (bring your laptop!)
4. Q&A


Last minute update: we'll also be trying to have a demo of and a discussion about scaling WebSockets.