Berkshire House, 168-173 High Holborn
London, United Kingdom, England WC1V 7AA

Have you heard about REST, JSON, DSL? Are you curious about Jersey, RSpec, Gant, Git and Mercurial?

Buzzword Bingo is a chance to catch up on all those buzzwords that are zipping round the development community and hear first-hand experiences of how people are using them.

Each Buzzword will have a 15 minute talk and after the talks are over there will be breakout groups to discuss them further or any other burning topics people may have.

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Added by rrees on June 18, 2008



It looks like we might actually be playing Bingo. With a copy of the ThoughtWorks Anthology as a prize.

At the moment we are expecting talks on RSpec, Gant, Wicket, Git, Pure Data and Grails.