Sea front
Brighton, England

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I realise I am suggesting we leave the safe comfort of London, and that can be a bit scary. Let’s face it I’m suggesting a trip to the end of the world – if we go here there it’s only water beyond. To placate your fears I am assured that cannibalism has been outlawed in Brighton for at least the past three months.
The idea is we all meet on the same train from Victoria, safety in numbers, and go for some silly shots. Anyone who gets a good picture of any of us wearing a “Kiss Me Quick” hat gets bonus points. We will enjoy the pleasures of the rides on the pier, the gastronomic delights of Fish & Chips and, for our a number of our foreign troops, the chance to buy a stick of rock to send home and confuse their family.
Sounds too good to miss doesn’t it?

Here is the date Saturday 18th August.
destination: Brighton
Meet: Victoria Station or London Bridge
Time: tba

More info on the event homepage on flickr.

Official Website:

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Do it! Come to Brighton, spend the day on the seafront and then come to see my band play in the evening:


Hmm, just wondering if we can work this into dConstruct and the flickr scavenger hunt somehow?


ok ok ok nice it


Let's ambush 'em and their Eos' at the station. Perhaps Preston Park to lul them into a false sense of security?