Oxford city centre
Oxford, England

A trip out to Oxford for the London Flickr Meetup group and those nice people at the Oxford Flickr Group have offered to show us around.

DETAIL CHANGE - JAN 7th: We will meetup with the Oxford group at Gloucester Green (near where the Oxford Tube route ends) at 11am where we will start our photowalk. Some people are catching the Oxford Tube coach service from London because of the problems that will be caused by works on the trainline that day.

Official Website: http://flickr.com/groups/londonflickrmeetups/discuss/72157611256283498/

Added by Paolo G on December 14, 2008



I'll make my own way as I'm already well outside of London. Meet you at Oxford train station so long as it's going to be dry on the day.
Edit: as the meet-up point has changed, I won't meet you at the station!


So far the map doesn't give the suggested route. As I'll still be arriving by train, I have yet to find the meet-up point.. There's a Gloucester Lane and Gloucester Street; where's Gloucester Green? Is the meet at a coach station or just a coach stop sign on a lamp-post/bus shelter?

Edit - OK, seen the google map attached to the flickr group thread,... should be able to find the coach station, then I'll just look for a group of people carrying cameras ! Should be some familiar faces too


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