119 Kensington Church Street
London, England W8 7LN

To carry on from the first London Blog Drink that took place on the 6th of September, with about 15 of you, and at the popular demand, here is the second edition of the event, in a new venue, this time in Notting Hill.

Hope to see you there !

Added by SandrinePlasseraud on September 11, 2007



I'm not coming, bit unfortunate but the FOWA Road trip is in town tonight.


Hi cbetta : sorry, my mistake, it wasn't tonight but in October !!! (So glad you couldn't make it otherwise I would have felt very bad !!!). But hope to see you in October !?


Ahh, great!


Hmmm FOWA Finishes at about 6:30pm so I could head over! :) Though I'll probbaly be with all my lugage etc! :(


I'll be coming from FOWA too... may see you there!


I can't wait! Very nice bunch of people and no doube will be just as nice venue with Sandrine taste! I will be at FOWA the day and will be in the Diggnation crowd, anyone else?


See you all on Thursday then from 8pm then ! In case you can't find us in the pub, my number is 07977 289 383.