The Mall
London, England

The ICA is proud to welcome the London Artists' Book Fair 2007 to the ICA.

Artists' books are one of the last unexplored frontiers for contemporary art collectors and are therefore still eminently affordable. The fair seeks not only to promote the art form but to educate collectors in the many shapes and forms it can take.

An artist's book is a work of art in which the idea of the book is central. It can encompass drawing, painting, print-making, sculpture, photography, graphic design or electronic arts. Some have words – others don't – and the subject matter can range from serious literature and high art to personal passions and experience. It is not a book about art, but an original work that might include private comment on art and artistic ideas, or be filled with poetry, beauty, fun and mischief.

The fair began in 1993 when Marcus Campbell, a London dealer in rare modern art books, first recognised there was potential in this area. Since then it has grown to incorporate 60 international exhibitors on three floors of the ICA.

Participants are from South Korea, Japan, Russia, Denmark, Germany, and Britain. Publishers at the fair range from the owners of internationally established fine presses to part-time enthusiasts. Prices range from five to a few thousand pounds.

There will be a programme of films, talks and exhibitor's events to accompany the fair.


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