194, Fleet St, London, EC4A 2LT
London, England

In an attempt to try and stick to the 'first Monday of the month' pattern for the London 2.0 meetups, our next meeting will be on Monday the sixth of November. As per usual, it'll start from about 6.30pm, and will involve lots of people involved with (or just interested in) Web 2.0 technologies.

No fixed agenda, demos are welcome, as is beer.

Please let me know if you're attending, as I'll need to make sure I've reserved a big enough space.

Added by padarkuk on October 4, 2006


Marvin Barretto

Where can I find more information about this event?




Will this event always clash with MoMoLondon then, or do you have plans to change it to a different night or week of the month..?


Don't think there's much of a cross over with the MoMoLondon crowd. London 2.0 is more of a techie chat in a pub affair ... maybe MoMo can change nights if they're missing out? ;-)