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AJAX Development
Web sites are getting richer and user's expectations around the level
of interaction that they can have with a web site are growing.

In this session Mike Ormond of Microsoft take a look at the Microsoft
AJAX Library as well as enhancements in Visual Studio "Orcas" for the
JavaScript developer such as IntelliSense and debugging.

We'll then move on to talk about the ASP.NET AJAX Extensions and
finish up by looking at the sample controls in the ASP.NET AJAX
Control Toolkit that make the building of your rich site easier than

Ever since he can remember, Mike's been interested in 'how stuff
works', so an engineering career was a natural progression. After
completing his degree at Strathclyde University, he toyed with
transforms in imaging systems, played with hoppers in payment
systems, scheduled headless clients in automated test solutions and
helped real customers in product support! Nowadays he spends his time
thinking about web and Office development and worrying about how to
keep pace with change and whether or not he locked the back door.

Have we got object-orientation all wrong?
Have we got object-orientation all wrong? "Object Thinking" (ISBN 0-
7356-1965-4) by David West asserts that we have. Alan Dean explores
this assertion, and demonstrates self-describing objects / self-
evaluating rules with code examples.

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