2857 24th Street @ Bryant
San Francisco, California 94110

From Houston to San Francisco
Locus co-hosts a night showcasing the songwriting talents of independent musicians from here and afar and some of their music videos.


Music Videos: Sugarfree's "Burnout" by Quark Henares and Skyflake's "Bad Thoughts" by Dino Ignacio.

Doors Open at 7:30pm. The show will begin PROMPTLY at 8:00pm.

About the Artists:

Houston-based ANNIE LIN is a 5'4 guitar-toting pixie who plays quirky, acoustic pop. Often compared to such artists as Mary Lou Lord and Liz Phair, she brings off-kilter charm and rock n? roll ferocity to the rarefied genre of folk. Fans of Ani DiFranco and Lisa Loeb will vouch for her music, which The Houston Press calls "[s]avvy and academically rooted." Annie has been touring nationally for two years as a regular in the club and coffeehouse circuit, selling out venues such as the legendary Bitter End in New York City and the Last Day Saloon in San Francisco. She has shared stages at clubs and festivals with a notable roster of artists including Sarah Harmer, The Cash Brothers, Emm Gryner and Terri Hendrix & Lloyd Maines.

GOH NAKAMURA cut his teeth on the Boston Music scene providing "stunt guitar" work for various local bands. After a stint at the Berklee College of Music where he sharpened his ears, he came back to the west coast to write his own songs. He likes to think of himself as a combination of John Lennon, John Cusack and John Coltrane. However unholy this trinity is, it seems to work (at least in his head). For the last 3 years, he's been playing his original songs as well as an eclectic spectrum of covers at assorted venues throughout the Bay Area.
Pronunciation: 'hI-"wI(-&)r
Function: adjective
Date: 1956
1: involving great risk
2: daring
Function: noun
3: an indiepop band , former members of san francisco's opium (phil and matt) and san diego's jasper rine (eric) came together at the end of 2002 sharing a common need to create fast poppy and slow moody music. snappy melodies and good tunes.
"The Skyflakes. Now this is what INDIE Rock should sound like! Great jangly guitars, crashing drums, endearing vocals and wonderful melodies. This Bay Area band has got the whole package." Asian Man Records

Some folks find it difficult to get past the low-key charm and obsess about the cuteness of THE SKYFLAKES. With four out of five members of the band related to someone else in the band, one recalls the endearingly earnest cinematic or televised portrayals of kids playing rock in more innocent times, minus the horrific outfits the Brady kids were forced into when they were turned into pop stars. Yet, a closer listen or look at the Skyflakes' lyrics provide something more than just endearing cuteness. Musically they are quite tight with well-crafted pop melodies, hooks, and harmonies.

Quark Henares is one of those forces of nature that leave you breathless in every way. A classic overachiever, he shot his first-ever short film when he was only in high school. Quark?s artistic works are famous for being edgy, and that's because this frisky young auteur has an edge.

Dino Ignacio was born in Manila in 1974. Dino was instrumental in the rebirth of the Filipino comic book scene with his pioneering efforts with Alamat comics where he wrote and illustrated a number of books. Dino recently collaborated with Rex Navarrete, the renowned Fil-Am comedian on an animated short entitled "Maritess vs. the Superfriends" and finished special effects on Matt Abaya's new horror movie "Bampinay".

March 19, 2004, 8pm
Galeria de la Raza 2857 24th Street (@ Bryant)

Admission: $5

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