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Featuring the written adventures of those affected by the US jail system - ex-cons, loved ones of inmates, journalists, investigative reporters and more.

Ever wanted to know what it's like to go to the big house? Want to hear some tales of jails? This is your show. Featuring an eclectic collection of authors every month, these stories may touch you, or perhaps they'll horrify you, and maybe even both.


Kambri Crews: Kambri will share the story of her father, a deaf mute inmate who is currently serving 20 years for the attempted murder of his 3rd wife. Hers is a sad, funny, and odd saga. Visit "Love, Daddy" at http://love-daddy.blogspot.com for more.

Jessica Delfino: Jessica explains from top to bottom the process of visiting her fiance Christopher X. Brodeur in jail in a delightful essay which famous criminal lawyer Ron Kuby called "hilarious". http://www.jessydelfino.blogspot.com/

Jessica S: Jessica tells the story of her boyfriend who is currently serving time at Rikers, and how he got "locked up."

Official Website: http://www.ballyhoopromotions.net/LoveDaddy.htm

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