712 Gostins Building, 32-36 Hanover St
Liverpool, England L1 4LN


The Liverpool Mapping Party will be attempting to expand the coverage of Liverpool on Open Street Map as much as possible and will hopefully get complete coverage of the centre of Liverpool by the end of the weekend. Please see the event homepage for more details.

The venue has now been arranged. Glow New Media have kindly offered to let us use their office in Hanover Street.

If you are coming and can get hold of a GPS device then that would be great, but if you can't don't let that stop you as there will be some spares, and the Yahoo! aerial imagery to use too.

Please note, if you can bring a laptop then that will also be useful for entering the data you've collected. If you can't we should be able to work something out though.

If anyone has any trouble finding the office or getting inside, my number is 0771 855 3567.

Official Website: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Liverpool

Added by johnmckerrell on October 3, 2007



John, I'm looking forward to this. My only issue is that I'm not sure that my Ericsson W810i is up to the job


Hi, the Ericsson W810i is definitely capable. I use a K750i and that works great. You'll need a bluetooth GPS so if you're interested you could buy one in advance, or alternatively there'll probably be one or two spare on the day (though I can't guarantee it!)


Hi John, I've had to downgrade to 'I'm watching' - on account of being belatedly invited to a wedding on that day.



I'm hoping to organise more of these events next year so maybe you can come along to those. Shame you can't make it this time though.


Learned about OSM today only, then came across this event. Not sure if I can help on this occasion?

I cycle in the County Palatine which includes Liverpool, Sefton, Knowsley & St Helens. I plan routes & cycle 1 day a week with Sefton Cyclos either from or to stations on the Mersey Electrics & for a second day until 5 th Dec with a Sefton Cycling Back to Health Group. In both cases routes take us into Liverpool
(what is the area you want to cover?)

Would tracklog data for the following be of interest?
Regular (!) rides include:
1 a Ride from Central station down Hanover St, up Duke then behind the A Cathedral, through Toxteth, Princes Park, Sefton Park Otterspool Patk then back along the Mersey to Albert Dock then out to Brunswick
2 From Hunts Cross up the Liverpool Loop Line to West Derby / The National Wild Flower Centre, / Croxteth Park / and Stations up to Aintree & Beyond ro Maghull & Southport.
3 From Hunts Cross up the Loop line, then turning off through Childwall across to Sefton Park then to St Michael's.

I have two PDA a new Mio P350 Digiwalker which has an inbuilt GPS Receiver & an older HP Ipaq with a TomTom Receiver. These days I would prefer to use the the Mio, but its touchscreen went beserk this weekend and I am waiting for Mio contact me about repair / replacement. I can. My routes are mapped using Anquet software onto OS 1:25000 maps. From my brief examination of OSM, I could prepare nodes & ways from GPS tracklogs routes ridden.
Is this of any value to your project.?

My own project is to provide small groups of cyclo tourists with printed routes, which I can do for non-commerciarl purposes. I
am not sure whether I could supply traces of routes I have prepared with Anquet software & OS maps. I would prefer to be safe and will assume this is a no go.

I was going to publish routes through Google, again foc & following OS rules for their copyright notices. I will now research & develop using OSM first.

I would appreciate any comment you have and will let you know later whether I will attend the event.


I'll be coming, but i have an event in kensington first, will be around late afternoon


Cyclotec - all sounds very interesting. One thing that I think is great about OSM is that you can use it to do exactly what you're interested in, i.e. making some custom maps, but by using OSM you can make sure that everybody benefits.

GPS trace submissions are always useful, but it really helps if we can also get information about the roads that were travelled: the names of the roads, classifications and other features. As you guessed though we can't take submissions that are based on OS or Google maps (or any other copyrighted maps).

If it was at all possible for you to come along I think you'd really enjoy it, even if you can't make it for much of the day it could be valuable for you to just come along and have a chat and find out more about how OSM works.

@mjjames - cool, the more the merrier, I've added my phone number above so if you're having trouble getting into Glow's offices, give me a call (we might all be mapping!)


You can put my number up there too since I'll have a key! 07730 987 574

Tim Waters

Ahh, cannot come, it's Leeds Film Festival that w/e and i have 6 films booked!
Have fun mapping!