66 Merrion Street
Leeds, England LS2 8LW

Zeitgeist Zero are undeniably Goth, but not in the traditional sense. Simultaneously jaunty and jaundiced, they have been described by Kaleidoscope as "like Switchblade Symphony shredded through Garbage's mid-period, then drip-fed Lydia Lunch". Playing guitar-fuelled electro goth for the next generation of goths that we see in our clubs today (Hardwired), Zeitgeist Zero have recently played at both Dark City and Gotham festivals (not to mention WGT last year), however this will be their first hometown gig this year.

The Way Of All Flesh play "unashamed goth rock", evocative of the early 90s but with all that bombast and melodrama stripped out. Think of Vendemmian or Revolution By Night with a contemporary edge and you're getting close. The Fleshies debut album "Esprit d'Escalier" comes highly recommended, and this will be their first Leeds gig since the first Woolstock last December.

Momento Mori cut their teeth back in the 1980s, touring the UK and Europe with bands such as Sins of the Flesh and the (Screaming) Marionettes. Having split in the early 90s, Momento Mori have recently reformed to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Live @ Black Sheep - 23th September 2007
Doors 7pm, first band onstage 7.30pm
Free Entry

Official Website: http://www.sheepish.net/live

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