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“Live Earth” concerts just aren't environmentally friendly enough. This is how you can have, at the same time, more fun, less impact on the environment, and your own say.

Instead of going to the Live Earth concerts, come to the Counterconcerts. Instead of driving or flying to the nearest megaconcert, walk or use public transport to the center of your own home town. Instead of wasting megawatts on enormous speakers, and megadollars bringing stars to the place, use your iPod or favorite MP3 player.

The counterconcerts are events organized from the Internet, with three purposes:

1) To have as much fun as possible, in a way that impacts the environment as little as possible.
2) To prove that the Internet is the way of today and tomorrow.
3) To try to get in the heads of the Live Earth organizers (1) and (2), so they cancel the live events and go virtual.

There will be three Live Earth Counterconcerts. This will give everybody the opportunity to choose the date that is most convenient to them, or to have three times as much fun.

Before you go
Syncronize your watch to your exact local time. You may use the World Time Server.

At 7:00
Arrive at the specific location, preferably by walking or public transport (driving would defeat the purpose of the activity). Come wearing clothes that make reference to the Live Earth concerts or stars playing in them, and, more importantly, an iPod or MP3 player with your favorite tunes.

At 7:07
Clap your hands in the S.O.S. pattern three times (the sound you hear when you access or Then say: "Live Earth, go virtual!" Say it in your own way, there is no need to be sheep.

At 7:08
Switch on your iPod and start dancing to the music. Stay for the next half hour, or as long as you like.

Finally, at some point before, during or after the counterconcert, make a donation to your favorite environmental organization, the one that YOU trust to do the best for climate change.

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Added by maxyasgur on April 23, 2007