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Matt Adams wrote this new album in a van in probably half of the states in America, pulling lyrics together as the cops actually pulled him over (“Drivin' Out Of My Mind”) and figuring out melodies on a ukelele in Baltimore (“Don't Mind,” which he played that very night) and finally putting it all together on a 8-track cassette recorder that's got just as many miles as the van by now. So the songs on th...is album came from a million different places but he puts them together in such a way that they feel like they've been together forever, and he calls it Home Away From Home because that's what he was thinking about when he was looking out the windshield of that van.

Think of Buddy Holly or Neil Young or Joe Ely or Bill Fox or Robert Pollard and now guys like Greg Cartwright—they were born to one day stretch a finger over a fretboard and make something old sound new yet again. And so here comes Matt Adams with more songs in his head at any given time than he can even reliably count—he slid from eighty to over a hundred last time we made him index—and an album of the ten he knew he could connect together to make something bigger than itself. He calls this one Home Away From Home , and he's right. See More