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[I met this author at a Simplicity Conference late last year and highly recommend catching the show and buying her book -- very inspirational, helps lay the foundation for cohousing and community and provides an understanding of how housing has evolved around the world; she'll also be at a brunch at Berkeley cohousing on Sunday. When you RSVP (here or MeetUp, please use just one), please indicate what sort of dish you're planning on bringing -- also please bring your own utensils, mug, and napkins -- Raines]

Santa Barbara Permaculture Network Presents
Booktour & Signing Jan 17 - Feb 8 2007 in CA,
Little House on a Small Planet
With Author Shay Salomon and Photographer Nigel Valdez
SF appearance hosted by East Bay Cohousing

"At a time when the news is filled with stories of three-car garage McMansions, Shay Salomon offers a terrific corrective. LITTLE HOUSE ON A SMALL PLANET shows how smaller, cozier homes provide an antidote to America's epidemic of loneliness, by building community, saving energy and reducing our impact on the planet. If you've ever thought of scaling down, you have a good reason to read this book. If you haven't thought about it, you have an even better one!" - John de Graaf, PBS producer and author, AFFLUENZA: THE ALL-CONSUMING EPIDEMIC

Shay Salomon is a carpenter and construction manager who coaches owner-builders towards a mortgage-free life, and leads building and mindfullness workshops, usually for women. A cofounder, with Greg Johnson, Jay Shafer, and Nigel Valdez of the Small House Society, she wrote Little House on the Small Planet, which chronicles the small house movement and offers advise to people who want to improve their life by living in far less space

Official Website: http://intentionalcomm.meetup.com/1/calendar/5399404/

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