35 East 13th Street
New York City, New York


Live @ SHOUT!

LITTLE BARRIE (Artemis Records/littlebarrie.com)
from London, England

Let's cut to the chase. Little Barrie has great credentials. The
trio's frontman, Barrie, inspired Edwyn
Colyns to start playing music again instead of pissing around on a
computer (Edwyn also produced their album). Then, when Morrissey's
guitar player got sick during his tour last Summer, he brought Barrie
in as his replacement. In fact, it's not unusual to hear the reviews
toss around the words "astonishing" and "startling" or to hear his
guitar playing compared to Johnny Marr and John Squire. kid can sing
too. On top of all that, they know how to drop a good remix and also
how to groove the old fashioned way and any band that can pull off the
two of those is pretty badass if you ask us. On stage 11PM.

This is also a listening party for
MOTOWN REMIXED (http://www.myspace.com/motownremixed)

Motown remixes? Didn't those things already have dancebeats to begin
with? That's what we thought too . . like "great, another remix of
old shit with thump-thump-thumps on top of it". But you know what?
This thing is actually alright! The tracks are mostly just chopped up
and reset instead of added to (if anything, they subtract). Anyway the
point is, we dig it so we're playing it before the band this Sunday and
giving it away for free.

Shout! Every Sunday Bar 13 35 E 13th St NYC Doors 10 PM No Cover
myspace.com/shoutnyc - shoutnyc.org - [email protected]

***NEXT WEEK: the return of ROCKWELL!!!

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