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San Francisco, California 94110

Readers: Rodes Fishburne (The Rumpus), Katie Crouch (Tin House), Veronica Chater (Memoir, And) and Jaynel Attolini (Six-Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak by Writers Famous and Obscure)
Judges: Comedy queen, Melanie Case, on Performance and editorial gurus, Andrew Leland (The Believer) and James Hass (The Farallon Review) on Literary Merit and Intangibles.

What it is: Opium's Literary Death Match is a competitive, humor-centric reading series that features four literary publications, presses or concerns (both online and in print) in an edge-of-your-seat read-off. Readers do their thing for ten minutes or less, and three guest-star judges affectionately discuss their favorites based on three categories: literary merit, performance and intangibles. The two finalists then compete in a Death Match challenge to decide the ultimate winner.

Official Website: http://www.literarydeathmatch.com

Added by Skilesk on December 18, 2008