800 Chestnut Street
San Francisco, California

Featuring Raster-Noton artists Signal:

Carsten Nicolai
Olaf Bender
Frank Bretschneider

Curated and co-presented by Volume Projects & Overlap, LISTEN/VISION 03 is a unique series exploring the art of perception. It is a place and time for a shared experience of sound and light and space. Overlap.org and Volume have partnered to commission new and unreleased sound and video recordings from an international pool of acclaimed contemporary artists. These exclusive pieces, not to be found anywhere on the web or a CD, are presented in a collective listening environment.

Official Website: http://www.volumeprojects.org/

Added by shawnbot on March 31, 2008



I would go, but I have class that night.


skip it @justin!


According to Volume Projects, this incredible evening goes from 7pm - midnight, not from 7-9pm.

also more info @ overlap.org's event page!


Fixed; thanks, @damarks!


wow... what an incredible evening. Thanks to all who came!