3920 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, California 94118

Details quoted from Lisa Rein's blog post here: http://www.onlisareinsradar.com/archives/002770.php

I'm having a big party to reconnect with old friends, meet online friends in meatspace, and meet new friends altogether.

I'll be playing all my new songs, along with many of my songs from the last fifteen years or so, in little sets off and on all night long, starting around 6:45, and going till probably around midnight.

I've got a video projector and various footage I've been putting together that will be going in-between and during the live stuff.

I'm flying in my old guitar player from Idaho, Ron Taylor. He and I co-wrote many of the songs on the lisarein.com website: http://www.lisarein.com

I'm also flying my sister up from LA to sing harmonies with me on a couple songs.

It's pretty sweet of this pub to let me take over the place for the night. It's actually been a little dream of mine to have enough stage time to be able to go through all of my favorites from the last 15 years -- and in a fun filled environment where I can have as many people there as I want.

Ireland's 32 also has these *really* great home made beef or chicken pot pies, so if you need to come by early (it is a Sunday, after all), come by around 6:30 and make a dinner show of it. (Actually, you and a friend can probably split one easily, they're HUGE.)

They have a great pool table upstairs too! It's just an all around great
party locale!

They're letting me use the bar for the night in the hopes I can bring in a crowd to buy drinks. So drink up. (It makes the music sound better anyway :-)

And if I'm lucky enough that you actually have old favorites that you want to make sure I perform, by all means, let me know! [email protected]

In between some of my sets, my good friend
Tim Perkis will be performing a little set with his daughter around 7:30.


You may have seen Tim's cool new movie about improvisational music, Noisy
People, around recently.

The Breezy Days Band will also be squeezing in a little set prolly around 9:30 or so.

Thanks! And I hope to see you there.

Where: Ireland's 32
3920 Geary Blvd at 3rd Ave in SF's Richmond District

Phone: 415-386-6173


Official Website: http://lisarein.com/

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