Lawrence Expressway/Caribbean Drive exit
Sunnyvale, California

Please join us for the completely volunteer run/organized Linux/Open Source Picnic held in Sunnyvale at Baylands Park the weekend following LinuxWorld.

The RSVP system is UP!

Each year is an achievement not just for Linux but also for whole the Open Source community. For Linux, it started with the first people who sent patches to Linus Torvalds after he posted his experimental OS kernel in 1991. Though Linux wasn't the first to use this idea, it was the first to elevate Open Source Software, before it even had that name, to a level of worldwide importance. Today there are heavily-studied processes about how to use Open Source as a software engineering methodology. We have a lot to celebrate and even more look forward to. Anyone from the Open Source community should consider themselves welcome.

The event is completely free, but we welcome volunteers and donations. Past events have ranged ~500 people. It's a family fun event.

Please note that there is a parking fee for the park!!

Official Website:

Added by Jennifer B Davis on July 3, 2008



Unfortunately, missed the bulk of the event [and the reason for the lateness also meant not enjoying the picnic much], but SunnyvaleRocks is completely linux-powered and linux rocks!