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“Linda is an emerging talent with a captivating smile in her voice.” Tom D’Antoni, The Oregonian A&E, October 19, 2007, and KMHD Radio Host * * * * “
Linda has a pure clear voice and a fine appreciation for the melodic and lyrical end of the jazz spectrum. Excellent timing and intonation are her currency, and her jazziness comes from direct interpretation and communication, with little or no theatrics. She is sincere and her powerful voice is relaxed and welcoming. She is the epitome of the natural singer.” Jim Corcoran, Newland Jazz, and former President of the Jazz Society of Oregon * * * * Currently singing with the Art Abrams Swing Machine, Jazz Express Big Band, DeNardo/Daiber Duo and other trios, quartets, etc. * * * * Love the standards, as well as the more obscure treasures written and recorded in the 30's and 40's.


Mike Doolin is a guitarist of some 30 years professional experience. He has performed with such Northwest mainstays as Mel Brown, Mitzi Zilka, Larhonda Steel, The Flying Stickleys, Margo Tufo, Gary Ogan, Nancy Conescu, Robert Rude, Cruise Control, Body and Soul, and Soul Vaccination. His recording credits include Obo Addy's "Wonchi Bi", Timothy Bryson's "Playground" and The Flying Stickley's "Behind the Hangar". Mike is also an internationally respected guitar maker, having built instruments for recording artists Muriel Anderson, John Stowell, Justin King and Nancy Conescu.

Originally from Jersey City, N.J., Eddie Parente studied violin and 4 part harmony at Jersey City State College with Edward Raditz, playing in String Orchestra as well as studying Jazz with Saxophonist Emile DeCosmo. Eddie also studied with violinist Julie Lyonn Lieberman in NYC, but credits trumpeter Ted Curson (Mingus alumni), as a major influence, who held Jam sessions in Hoboken and encouraged Eddie to play Jazz in those formative years.
Upon moving to Portland in 1985 Eddie would religiously go to hear The Mel Brown Quintet and participate in Ron Steen's Jam sessions, Eddie has played in Big Band under the direction of Thara Memory and studied Jazz arranging and Composition with saxophonist Clif Waits, at Portland Community College.
Eddie has performed at Mt. Hood, Portland, Newport Jazz Festivals, PyongYang DPRK (North Korea) and also travels frequently to Russia collaborating and performing at Festivals, intimate Jazz Clubs and Concert Halls, with many great musicians there.

Official Website: http://www.vinideusbistro.com

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