1200 U Street, NW First Floor True Reformer Building
Washington, District of Columbia 20009

Lincoln's Legal Loyal League: African Descent Spies of the Rebellion is a lecture on covert activities of African Americans before and during the Civil War. The league was a national organization comprised of persons of African descent who sought to end slavery "in league" with the Constitution. Allan Pinkerton called it the "Loyal League" in his 1967 book Spy of Rebellion. Though the footprint of this organization is huge, there has been very little scholarship on the League. This lecture by Hari Jones will provide new information from Lincoln's most loyal supporters to even the most well read scholars of the Civil War.

Metrorail: U Street/African Amer Civil War Memorial/Cardoza, Metrobus: 90, 92, 93, 96, 98

Official Website: http://www.afroamcivilwar.org

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Hari Jones is a great speaker, and this research is truly cutting edge. This is not to be missed!