7000 Coliseum Way
Oakland, California 94621

The "I Am Music" Tour goes on sale Saturday, November 22nd at 10am at www.LiveNation.com

Official Website: http://www.LiveNation.com

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hi;my name is zachery johnson i like to see lilwayne,t-pain,keyshia cole, but i don't have any money to buy the tickets can you please help me?


It's going down in Oakland on the 23rd. Me and my crew are going to be the best dress and the most popular in the building be are just as famous as wayne and keyshia. 23rd finest Shakira I am out. Be there are your not hot.


can you please help me i need tickets.

Skylar Rain

Yes sir...Skylar Rain & Prezidential will hit the stage @ Mansion Friday night for the Lil Wayne Afterparty. Hosted by 97.9 the BEAT...includes Play N Skills, TPain, DJ Drama & more...

Come show some local love!!!

We got next!!!

Need some HOT HOT HOTT!!! Promo girls and eye candy...hit me up if your interested


man watz gud? i will LOVE to meet them all especially keyshia Cole, and Lil Wayne Gym Class Heros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By yo Gurl


lil wayne i am your fun keep it up man


all deez lil girls trin to get with wayne need to stop bein groupies and act classy. mabey he might want one of yall "GROUPIES"


I am going to the concert and then to CLub Anton's for the After Party....DJ Mind Motion will be spinning there


can li'l wayne take a baf an' look like a man? huh? o is dis' greezy it? huh?


dress up like a bitch and one of ma boys will take you, as for all you other chumps, you know what you can do for a free ride to my mans event' put on some
knee pads. niga get a j o b


Hey kid;
I don't know who the hell you are but uhm i think you
are being a dusch by saying, Ohh i need help raising
money to go to the concert. Uhm yah stfu no one
give's a shit. Obviously you are a poor little
bastard tht doesn't have any fucken money. Yah no one
on yahoo is going to help you so don't even bother.


P.s. All these fucken people tht are fucken saying,
Oh help me i need money for ticket's. Yah you know
wht STFU, no one fucken give's a shit.


I would like 2 get 3 free tickets 2 go c da "I Am Music" Tour cuz I've never seen Lil Wayne, T-Pain, or Keyshia Cole perform live in all my life, n I think dis will b da once n a life time chance to c them cuz they r sum of my fav artists. So helppa a gurl out. Peace.


Man these people are sick, he wants help, get a damned job, BUM, who cares if you want to see anything ? man work for a living, douche bag...

There are too many on the streets asking for help so that they can keep collecting TANF, FOOD STAMPS and
still ask for help on every corner...get smart these
bums are druggies, and Alcoholics who dont care about
eating, just feeding their habits !

They need to send both men and women to the ongoing
wars and get their ass's shot up, good riddance.


I have money for ten people to go tell me your story, must be compelling & factual. Not front row.


im absoulty inlove with lil wayne.
id die to see him i concert. ive been a fan of is for awhile and if i could just see him in concert would be a great memory. pleaseeeeeeeeeeee


Hi my name is Briana you mite know me but i love your music you are my bigest fane in the hole wide world.


All of your names sound like recylced garbage especially Gym Class Heros, Lil Wayne and T-Pain. While I realize you rappers you may as well just be garbage wrappers. Its a different generation than what I grew up with.


trashy nasty delinquent motherfuckers, all of you


trashy nasty delinquent motherfuckers, all of you


I gonna be there with my crew to rock the place.


come on out peps and enjoy ur self, we got a great show!!!!


I went to see his show with my son who is he to this type of music and I am open to learning the new stuff-however-I cannot call this music-it's yelling, swearing and a poor example for kids to follow today.


man this is a must see show yo my pops got the huckup to get bout 15 tickets if yall want tickets add me in yall freinds list and hit me up i'm [email protected] is my e


all ya'll people on here sound crazy as hell asking for tickets and shit ya'll need to sit down some where and that person dissing lil wayne and t-pain you wasted your time writing what you wrote becaus they got money gon get money and dont give a fuck about you i'm out this bitch


lil Wayne, isnt anything but a tattoed fagit, who likes to get it from behind, from all his other Nigger loving rap wannabes


Man thiz page iz crazy....we got people talkin shit 2 each other through typing...bunch of groupies ass trickz...and we got people that R askin 4 ticketz....whut tha fuk....shit ya'll done lost ya shit....crazy mothafuckaz....and tha 1 that posted sumthing on TANF and FOODSTAMPZ...man u fukin funny...im out LATE.....OH yeah FUK THIZ SHOW....AND HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THA TICKET PRICE.....C WHUT I MEAN FUK THIZ SHOW.....WOOP WOOP!!!!!!!!!