227 North Eola Drive
Orlando, Florida 32801

Likemind.us just added a few more cities: tokyo, shanghai, bucharest and frankfurt. On the same day, people in these cities and 40 other places around the globe, other likeminded individuals will be getting together for some good coffee and conversation.

Coffee sponsorship ($25 is plenty) could be kindly paid for by your employer. I think Rasmussen College is helping out this month.

If you love Orlando and you want to find other people of a like mind, you've come to the right place. Alex and Ryan will get together once a month before work to have a good conversation. Come talk about anything, exchange emails, share stories and walk away with a smile on your face ready to face the last day of the week knowing you have made some new friends this week.

Panera is at the corner of Robinson St and Eola Drive on the North East corner of the lake.

Check out http://www.likemind.us for more than 35 cities globally.

Official Website: http://floridacreatives.com

Added by kerm52 on April 12, 2008