33 Queens Road, Headingley
Leeds, England

?Live, the band?s screamo/noise/splatter sound is so deliciously propulsive that it waylays the senses, ceasing all feeling of time and space. My nerves run ragged. Gieda has clearly watched every Iggy Pop bootleg in existence and moved on to G.G. Allin. When he?s not defying gravity, and rationality for that matter, he flails across the stage in ever-eccentric waves. Meanwhile, Jake Lisowski?s hands speed across his guitar, scorching the strings with constant, unceasing riffage. Buried in the back, second keyboardist Kat Paffett seems a innocent virgin lost amongst wolves.? - POPMATTERS

?Leeds-based Bilge Pump may be art-punks at heart? but underneath the cool anger is a heaviness that hints at other, earlier messes made by bad-boy psych bands like Blue Cheer or Funkadelic at their most fuzzed-out and primal? For a three-piece from such a well-defined corner of punk, Bilge Pump sure have their bloody claws in a lot of great, wide-ranging ideas ? not already mentioned: lead guitarist Joe Mask?s flubbery solos, which, weirdly enough, sound like Robert Fripp on crack cocaine, and the band?s off-the-cuff sense of humor, which gives otherwise mangled rockers? a dose of approachable fun.? - SPLENDID

Shiez 2000 makes Gameboy pop music to rave to. He released his first album, ?KFC Core?, on London electro label ADAADAT, and toured the UK with THE GO! TEAM last year. Since then he has supported bands like NOXAGT and MELT BANANA and is singed to LOAD RECORDS (home of LIGHTNING BOLT).

?the perfect antidote to hard electronic music that takes itself too seriously.? - BRAINWASHED

?Scotch Egg dashes from side to side of the stage like a Super Mario Brother. The music is an ear-shattering melange of broken beats and sonic battery.? - ARTROCKER

?Lightning Bolt are a bass and drums duo that sound like Sabbath. Sped up. And played down a drain? Lightning Bolt don?t play to the audience - they play IN the audience. Drummer Brian Chippendale and bassist Brian Gibson unleash their furious noise from the centre of the crowd itself. And towering over them is the tallest, widest, LOUDEST Marshall stack this side of a Darkness video? By the end, people were screaming for the pure hell of it - speaking in tongues, complete with dead, fiery eyes? Awesome.? - DROWNED IN SOUND

?Massaging your ears with their cheeky bossa-nova grooves and sultry Gainsbourg-and-Bardot-esque vocals are The Lovers?if ever there was music that was created to inspire a feeling of romance, paired with a sparkle of lust, then this is surely it.? - DEFUNKTION

?Think a Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin for the 21st Century and you are maybe 25% of the way to imagining this.? - OPTIMO

Michael J Coxx is Gravy Train!!!! in neon legwarmers. He makes sexually explicit pop-electro and is the best live act we have seen for a VERY long time! We are proud to say we put on his first Leeds gig (supporting Data Panik, who liked him so much they asked him to support them on their next world tour!). We had so much fun, we immediately invited him back to play our PARTYPARTY weekend and he said yes! If the Beastie Boys had broad Sheffield accents, they?d be half as good as this! DANCE PARTY!!

?From Motown to Blues via J-Pop? Flanked by guitarists / co-vocalists Mel and Anko, Mika herself has a huge stage presence that defies her tiny frame whilst the all-male rhythm section lays down a solid foundation against which the girls strut their stuff. Looking as good as they sound, this is Rock N Roll played as it should be.? - ROCK666 ?This female-fronted Japanese group kicked out classic punk jams delivered at breakneak speed in the vein of The Ramones (with haircuts to match), with harmonies recalling the girl groups of the ?60s.? - AMANDA FACTOR

+ a couple more TBC

Official Website: http://www.wearepartyparty.com/atpp/index2.html

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