24 North Audley St
London, England W1K 6WB

So, here are the finalised details for the meetup. Please remember to RSVP on Upcoming so that we know how many people to expect on the day. It will also make it easier for me to message all attendees if plans change nearer to the date.

Rough itinerary:

19:30 - Meet in The Marlborough Head for drinks and to discuss ideas for paintings.
20:15 - Head out to Hyde Park (Speaker’s Corner end)
20:20 - Official start. Arrive in Hyde Park and start setting up for sunset light painting shots. Test shots.
20:41 - Sunset
20:41 - 23:30 - Light painting shoot
23:30 - Official end of the light painting evening but you can leave any time you want. Remember to check the times of your last tube/trains etc.
00:00 Hyde Park closes

I’ve chosen Hyde Park for the light painting evening as there is a lot of space and some interesting things in the park to use as a backdrop for light painting. More importantly, there are lots of areas with no lamps or street lighting. Hopefully once the sun goes down there will be less people in the park.

After doing a reccy of the Royal Parks I think the Speaker’s Corner end of Hyde Park will be the best place to have the sunset in the background if you want to try light painting with the sunset. I’ve never tried a sunset light painting scene so this will be new for me too. TPE map of sunset on the day.

Things to bring:

* Camera that allows you to control the shutter speed, preferably one that has a bulb setting.
* Tripod
* Shutter release cable/remote (using self-timer will be fine for long exposures but not if you need to use bulb)
* Pen torches, sparklers, and any other light source
* Your creativity and ideas.

Here are some websites to give you some ideas and inspiration:

For anyone who wants to come but can't make it... I will be organising another one later in the year.

Official Website: http://www.flickr.com/groups/londonflickrmeetups/discuss/72157626979634807/

Added by Kathryn C on July 15, 2011