Leeds, England LS1

More to come - just a holding place to show interest

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Added by strawbleu on August 8, 2007



I'll probably be QUITE BUSY that night... but will look out for you guys & say hello if I stumble across you. I can't wait to see the photos!


I'm hoping to run a mini-project on the night - if anyone's interested in taking part read more here:


Might be away on the 12th, but if not, I will be there.


I forgot to post this -but there is confirmation of funding for a projector to post photos collected on Flickr onto a scaffolded building in the city centre.

Read more:

And, if that's not enough there is a Flickr group just for Light Night:


Is anyone meeting up at a particular place/time? Or is it just a case of wandering around until you perhaps bump into someone?


- The projector will be all night on Dortmund Sq.
- Those taking part in the project should see the new discussion:


Aiming to be in Dortmund square for 9:30 as there's a performance on then that I'd like to see.

Hopefully see some of the rest of you there then!