301 Battery Street
San Francisco, California

The lift committers will be hosting the "lift off" unconference on Saturday May 10th, 2008 in San Francisco (and possibly other parts of the world.)

lift off will provide a place where members of the lift community, members of the Scala community, and folks who are interested in learning about either can:
- learn more about lift, Scala, and other exciting technologies
- give feedback and feature requests right to the lift committers (code samples are always welcome)
- meet the folks they've read on the various mailing lists

lift off will be facilitated by Kaliya Hamlin (http://www.unconference.net/ )

Cost of admission will be $50 per person, lunch and snacks will be provided. Free admission for students (and yes, that means a free lunch... see econ 101.)

Presentations will be offered by David Pollak, Steve Jenson, Steve Yen, Luke Hohmann (http://innovationgames.com ) and others.

Because lift off is an unconference (aka, open space conference), the actual topics will be based on attendee offers and attendee votes. Anyone who has been to a conference that Kaliya has facilitated has seen that the right things always happen.

Video and materials from the event will be available online. If it's possible to coordinate lift off events in other parts of the world, that'd be wicked cool. If you want to host a lift off in your part of the world, please contact David Pollak privately.

There will be a registration site up and running in the next month or so (and we're going to open source the registration site as an example of lift code.)

I'd like to thank our sponsors:
Gold Sponsors:
Bill Fernandez Design (http://billfernandez.com )
Enthiosys (http://enthiosys.com )
Silver Sponsors:
David Bernard
Viktor Klang (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=599387799 )
and the rest of the lift committers

Official Website: http://scalaliftoff.com/liftoff/

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The home page for this event is: http://scalaliftoff.com/


correct event times (per event site) are 9 AM - 5 PM