San Francisco
San Francisco, California

This event is for folks who attended either of the first two Port Zero LifeCamp meetings. (session 1, session 2)

Interested in starting your own LifeCamp? Read more on the LifeCamp wiki or contact Julie or Tantek directly.

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Added by JulietteM on December 31, 2007



ticket has been purchase I will be in SF Dec 28- Jan 5!

Max Marmer

When will the next open life camp be, since I just became aware of Lifecamp and did not attend either of the first two sessions?


Max, there's never been an "open" lifecamp, except for the idea, which we've openly documented on the lifecamp wiki:

The implementations (at least in the SF area) have been by private invitation only among close groups of friends - we've found that works best for allowing folks to feel comfortable to share the things that are the most meaningful and often vulnerable as well.

If you're interested in attending a LifeCamp - I strongly encourage you to organize one yourself, following the template provided on the wiki. Even with just one or two other friends you will get value out of it.


T: update the dates?


@kevnull - is that a request asking me to update the dates or a question asking if the dates were updated? In either case, Julie updated them to the 31st and 1st a while ago to make it easier for folks to take less explicit vacation time off work (since the 1st is typically a holiday).


@t: nvm. I thought when I saw it it was still on the old dates. My iCal sync was b0rked.


back east, sorry to miss it. :(


@kevnull and @t: The dates were updated but the feed did not update. I'm assuming this is a bug on Upcoming's end.


what time tomorrow? didn't see on wiki?


Let's start the home cooked breakfast (migas!) at around 10am, ready by 11am (or earlier) - how does that sound? Will update wiki with a draft schedule...


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