650 S. Griffin St.
Dallas, Texas 75202

By focusing on today without ignoring your past, this conference offers hope, support and community for trauma survivors and their families. With over 20 speakers from all over the world this conference is a unique blend of resources. Dr. Colin Ross (author of The Trauma Model and many others) explains why so many different types of problems both physical and psychological stem from trauma. Dr. Ed Smith (developer of Theophostic Ministry) demonstrates how his work can offer spiritual and emotional healing. Dr. Stephan Braude (author of FIrst Person Plural) explains the many gifts of our ability to dissociate. Dr. Michael Mirdad (author of Tantric Sex) shows us how healing is accomplished through romantic love. Dr. Steven Vasquez (inventor of Emotional Transformation Therapy) demonstrates his breakthrough method for permanent healing. And that is just the beginning, 15 other speakers address the issues survivors and their partners face including suicidality, eating disorders, coping as a partner of a survivor, male survivors, stress, sexuality and many more. The website (http://www.lifebeyondtrauma.com) tells you how you can attend FREE (a special program is in place for Iraq/Afghan vets as well). Hope to see you there, its going to be an amazing event.

Added by OhWowMelody on August 15, 2009