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Life Beyond Embodiment
Leandro Agro
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Some years ago, Paul Dourish introduced the concept of embodiment, which describes the distance between bytes and atoms. Leandro will speak about how an Italian company is working to reduce this distance, by creating emotional virtual agents to move bytes toward atoms on one side, while moving atoms toward bytes, Second Life's human users, on the other.

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* IxDA (Interaction Design Association) Silicon Valley Face to Face

Leandro Agrò has more than 10 years of experience as an interaction designer and manager of IxD teams. With extensive experience in multimodal interfaces based on eyetracking, he recently was seduced by the potential of virtual assistants with human-like behaviors. Leandro studied interaction design at the Domus Academy, in Milan, Italy—working on the '97 Apple Design Project. He is actively involved with the Milano Bicocca University, TorVergata University, Siena University, and others. Leandro is a prolific writer on topics from IxD, usability, and UX to natural, multimodal user interfaces. He is the founder of Idearium.org, the first Italian eZine/community for UX designers and co-producer of the Interaction Frontiers conference. For more information, see Leandro's blog, leeander.com.

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does anybody want to car pool down from the city. I'll contribute gas money or I can reserve a zip car.

Is train service to yahoo good... is there a shuttle??


Train down... you can probably take the Caltrain to Mountain View and catch the one of the Y! Shuttles from there onto campus if you get there between 5-7PM or the VTA train from MV would take you most of the way there. (you'd need to head a couple blocks up from the Lockheed stop, so that's not ideal).

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