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San Francisco, California

Life 2.0 Summit, produced by CMP Technology/Dr. Dobb's Journal, is a quarterly conference on metaverse technology and best-practice for software developers and business stakeholders seeking to understand and use Second Life and other metaverse environments for customer engagement, commerce, collaboration, education, simulation and research.

Taking place September 15-21, 2007 on Dr Dobbs Island in Second Life, the Life 2.0 Fall Summit program will commence with a two-day, eight-hour weekend bootcamp on LSL application building, SL-to-web integration, opensource client (libsecondlife), developer tools and new SL features like atmospheric effects, voice, and sculpted prims -- everything professional developers need to become productive in the fast-evolving Second Life environment. Thereafter, our four-day (M, T, Th, Fr) program will include tracks on:

* The Opensource Grid: Technical and business implications of opensourcing the Second Life server and scaling the existing grid. Sessions will cover the role of HPC, cluster-computing and backbone network architectures in the private and corporate grid, security, the scope of business opportunities around opensource server, and other topics.
* The Extended Metaverse: How will 3D environments like Second Life play with fast-growing Geospacial worlds like Google Earth, applications like Microsoft Virtual Earth, and other MMORPG, buildable-metaverse and flat-web platforms and communities?
* Alternative Worlds/Virtual Workplaces: Sun's MPK20, Forterra, Metaverse, Gaia, The Lounge, IBM Virtual Workplace and other platforms are providing a continuum of diverse options -- flat web to 3d -- for professional and business collaborators, application and asset creators. Learn from the platform-builders how these metaverse systems work, where they're aimed, and how it's all, ultimately, connected.
* Second Life metrics and analytics: More sophisticated understanding of traffic, audience qualification and behavior are essential for earning long-term ROI on metaverse investments. This track covers current Metrics products, best-practice tips from users and developers, SL analytics for ROI, the controversial emerging field of 'engagement metrics,' privacy and anonymity, and more.

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