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Three words: Libertarians in Vegas
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From the website:

In the past, you may have heard some refer to this meeting as the “State Chairs’ Conference”. It’s not. Every state chair should be there and a meeting of the state chairs will conclude the event. But, it is so much more than a meeting of a mere 50 people.

The annual Leadership Conference is a meeting of all Libertarian activists, organizers, candidates, and financial supporters. No matter which category or categories you fit in, you will find more events that will interest you than you will be able to do.

This is where all Libertarians gather with the single purpose of building our party’s structural integrity beyond the level required to defeat the other two parties. There will be an eight hour seminar on activist and candidate training. There will be job training for county and state officers, from filing with the FEC to how to organize volunteers in your area to organizing new affiliate parties in your state.

Those who will be attending the 2008 National Convention on Memorial Day in Denver need to attend the 2008 Leadership Conference in preparation. I hope everyone goes to our national convention. It is hands down the biggest event of the Party, occurring every two years. And the Annual Leadership Conference in Las Vegas will prepare first time convention goers to perform their responsibilities at the Convention.

At the 2008 Leadership Conference, the platform committee will meet, the bylaws committee will meet, and there will be various seminars on how to be a better and more effective delegate, with topics ranging from Roberts’ Rules of Order to Conventioneering.

If you have ever wanted to attend a meeting of the Libertarian National Committee, you will have your chance on this glorious three day weekend in Las Vegas.

Additionally, the tentative schedule of events includes both a debate of our Presidential candidates and a debate of our candidates for chair of the 2008 LNC. There will also be forums and lectures, concerning how we reach out to both Democrats and Republicans now that their combined approval rating is less than 50%. It’s closer to 25%. The glass isn’t even half full for the other two parties. Right now, conference planners are finding libertarian leaning Republicans and Democrats; to give their perspective on where the two party system has the weakest psychological hold on the electorate and where the LP should be staking out political ground.

There will be seminars from individuals accomplished in the fields of fundraising and marketing. In short it is the goal of the Leadership Conference organizers to offer a conference where you just can’t see everything you want to.

Official Website: http://statechairs.org/

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