4120 Woodward
Detroit, Michigan 48202

Blurb from the Magic Stick site:

Stunning dark postpunk, last seen around these parts touring with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Their long-awaited second record is out, and here's the spiel from Mute Records: "The last band to so expertly execute the cocktail of menace and artful, brilliant chaos that Liars achieve for their second album, "They Were Wrong, So We Drowned", were fellow New Yorkers Sonic Youth, when they cut their epochal Bad Moon Rising album. It's a record from a band in transition, severing their ties with the scene they kinda inaugurated and have now, decidedly, outgrown... With YOUNG PEOPLE (www.ilikeyoungpeople.com) and GOLDFISH (www.lulumusic.com). $10, 9PM, 18+.
Choice quote by Leighton:
Any band that channels Einstrudzende Neubauten through the garage rock / NYC noise scene gets points. (of course Pussy Galore did it in 1986, but the kids won't notice).

Plus how punk rock is posting the whole ne CD?

Jon Spencer should be a millionaire, but Jack White stole his MO.

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Had to include that last bit because Jon Spencer rawked.

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