Boar Lane
Leeds, England

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Lianne Hall is a singer songwriter from Brighton, and
her music is sublime. I always compare her voice to
Beth Orton, but that only really reflects her tone,
she has a style all her own. She writes sweet songs
about bitter things, is never cloying or sentimental,
but frequently moves me to tears. John Peel called her
?One of the great English voices?, and she had the
privilege of being in session on the last programme
that he arranged. Don?t miss this chance to see her.

Pete Lyons and Hannah Brady are two of Sheffield?s
best jazz saxophonists, but tonight they will be
playing Bach. Don?t worry, not in a cheesy jazz style.
They?re going to play his inventions on alto and tenor
sax; in the church it should be quite gorgeous.

7 Hertz are an improvising chamber sextet, comprising
a double bass, two violins, a bass clarinet, a
bassoon, and a french horn. They play bits of
contemporary classical, folk , jazz, free improv and
some other stuff. They are quite nutty and fun.

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