From the website:

"The first injection of a beam is scheduled for 9:30 CET, and will be preceded by a planning meeting that will be relayed to the Globe from 9:00. You are strongly encouraged to arrive at CERN before 8:30. The objective for the day is to have beam circulating in the LHC, the precise sequence of events will evolve through the day."

Official Website:

Added by tantek on September 8, 2008



"...precise sequence of events will evolve through the day."

that's not particularly confidence inspiring.

As Lora said, "Well, here goes nothing ..."


This reminds me of the scene from Blackadder when Baldrick asks what he should do if he stands on a landmine.

"Jump 200 feet in the air and scatter yourself over a wide area."

I just hope this experiment helps mankind ....
......... rather than ending it.


One of the lead scientists is an ex-member of the 1990s band D:ream whose signature song was "Things Can Only Get Better" ... Let's hope that we don't discover the irony behind the song!


So far so good. They say we've got about a year before they crank it up to full power.

Make your time.