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Leadership: From Ordinary to ExtraordinaryPresents
Leadership Stimulus Bootcamp: Your Path to Becoming a 21st Century LeaderMarch 25 - 26
Eight Workshops Designed For Your Success!

Character of a Leader

Self Motivation & Team Motivation

Personal Branding

Multigenerational Workforce

Building a 21st Century Team

Conflict Resolution

Strategic Planning

Putting It All Together & In Action

Two Leadership Assessments
Hogan's Leadership Potential & Emotional Quotient (Emotional Intelligence)
Three Books
Personal Touch by Terrie Williams, Lions Don't Need to Roar by Dr. D. A. Benton & The Journey of Becoming a 21st Century Leader by Dr. Stephanie A. Parson

Career Development Guide
Interviews with Fortune Level Leaders CD Package
12 Month Subscription to Monthly Leadership Interview Series
12 Month Subscription to Leadership Magazine
25% off Future Event
30, 60, 90 - day Follow-up Program with Secured BLOG
CEUs / CPEs Available {Additional Administrative Fee}

This phenomenal event provides you with valuable skills, tools and personal insight crucial for becoming an effective 21st Century Leader! You'll gain powerful skills like ...

How to identify and maximize your core leadership strengths

How to build, develop and thrive in a collaborative environment

How to sharpen your leadership skills

How to create an ethical leadership team

How to project a more confident, more polished and more professional image

How to build, develop and motivate a multi-generational workforce towards success

How to resolve conflict towards effective solutions

How to design your own path towards becoming a more effective leader

How to improve your prospects for career success

Who Should Attend?

If you're presently in a leadership or management position in your organization and you wish to step up to the next level of advanced leadership and management skill development, this program is for you. Others who should attend include:

Mid-to upper-level managers responsible for the continuous leadership development of others and building high-performance organizations
Team leaders and coaches who are called to inspire and motivate their workers each day to accept new responsibility
Sales managers and VPs responsible for improving the overall productivity of their employees while maximizing the potential of their sales organization
Human resource managers who are charged with creating and maintaining the human capital within their organizations
Customer service managers called upon to lead employees from customer service excellence to enduring customer loyalty through more effective leadership
Managers who wish to transform their way of thinking, managing and leading for a higher level of skill, empowerment, and overall achievement
Those interested in achieving standards of excellence and who wish to enhance their management skills

Why Should An Organization Send Their Leaders?

You desire to see a measurable change in your leadership team

You desire to motivate your staff by letting them know you value their employment

A skilled, trained workforce can dramatically improve bottom line performance, adding value to products and services and making it easier to compete internationally.

Satisfied and motivated workers mean higher levels of staff retention, lowering the costs of recruitment.

Research shows training plays a key role in increased job satisfaction. Two-thirds of employees said they worked harder as a result of learning new skills.

Businesses investing an extra$100 (US)a week on training increased profits almost twice as fast as those that failed to raise training budgets

Speakers Include

Varian Brandon Boles
Heshie Segal
Michael Nelson
Stephanie A. Parson, Ph.D.
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Crowned Grace is dedicated to providingour customerswith products and servicestoensure they are provided with the proper resources, tools, products and services required to succeed in the 21st Century. This includes, but is not limited to,training and business development, leadership development, diversity planning, strategic planning and information security.

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  • Late Registration, $2,759.95

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