Kew, Richmond, Surrey
London, England

Free Entry to Kew Gardens for one day only, to celebrate the start of their anniversary year.
Bring Camera and warm clothes!

Suggest meeting at 11:00am at the Victoria Gate (western end of Lichfield road), and hot drink stp at the orangry resturant at 2pm.

-then- the pub, of course ;)

Official Website:

Added by sjnewton on December 29, 2008



My car died today - alternator failure, no electrics, no energy to start it. If it can be resurrected in time I will be there. Depends on parts availability and garage goodwill to fit it in during the next 2 days.
Edit - got it back on Tuesday but it has died again today (Wednesday) more seriously this time. Looks like I am staying at home on 1 Jan :-(
Not happy at all..... no transport at a critical time of year after I've spent a small fortune on routine and preventive maintenance this year; now worried about getting to work next year