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Evolution in technology ... Revolution in behavior

The hardest part of putting together an event like LeWeb3 is that there are so many incredibly smart people doing so many exciting things in technology that deciding who and what to select proves a daunting challenge.

Thanks to great input from the LeWeb3 Facebook group, feedback through this blog, and of course the sage perspectives and suggestions from our superb long-time friends and advisors, we have crafted what we feel is a stellar first pass for this year's program.

In evaluating the market, we realized that we are facing incremental adjustment in technology but, in some cases, rather mercurial shift in its use. And so we have decided that the theme for this year's LeWeb3 conference will be: Evolution in technology, revolution in behavior

Before saying more, I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge several long-time LeWeb3 supporters who are once again, stepping up to assist us with LeWeb3, helping in various ways to address our key topics. Among them:

* Jeff Clavier
* Ouriel Ohayon
* Thomas Crampton
* Yossi Vardi
* Rodrigo Sepulveda and Ivan Communod
* all our partners and so many more friends...

About the program itself - We have divided our sessions into five main categories. Those categories and some of the current topics we're planning to address under them are listed below along with a complete list of confirmed speakers, as well as people and companies with which we are ironing out scheduling now.

There are some very important things to note about this edition of the program - You'll note that this does not indicate times for the sessions and that is because this is not a final version. Some topics may move from one day to the next and/or change a bit. We also will add topics and some topics may come off. This is a working draft and we look to you - our audience - to help further shape and guide the content with your input. We welcome suggestions for additional subjects and speakers that fall within our overall theme. Feel free to post comments about the agenda here, or email me directly.

Also, there is a strong chance that some of you were confirmed for the conference through a conversation with Loic. If that is the case and you don't see your name here, please don't take offense. It is an oversight on my part. Should this be the case, please just email me.

DAY ONE - December 11, 2007

Social Networks

* The Power of social networks: Examples of "real" use - a Facebook executive presents case studies
* Making your information social - a fireside chat with DIGG founder, Kevin Rose - in conversation with Business Week writer and Author, Sarah Lacy
* Web 2.0: The dark side - Panel discussion moderated by Laurent Haug, LIFT conference including Joanna Shields of Bebo
* Social Media: Is it killing our society? - Andrew Keen, Author of "Cult of the Amateur" debates Guardian columnist Emily Bell
* Life Hacking: the evolution - a humorous walk through time and hacking with some great tips by Netanel Jacobsson
* Personalization 2.0 - Jonathan Medved, CEO of Vringo on projection of personalization

Virtual worlds, gaming and music

* The creator of the MP3 file format talks about what's next - a talk by Professor Karlheinz Brandenburg
* Digital music: the future - Gerd Leonhard, Music Futurist
* Digitized worlds - a presentation by Joi Ito
* Virtual world economics - Sasha Frieze of Virtual World Forum moderates a discussion with Clay Shirky, NYU; Marc Samwer, European Founders Forum; with others to be announced
* The power of gaming - Chris Mellissinos, Chief Gaming Officer for Sun Microsystems demonstrates next generation gaming for business
* Casual v. Serious games - Mathieu Nouzareth, Boonty debates with Kevin Slavin, area/code


Products and design and technology

* Gadgets and gizmos - Dan Dubno, Garage Geeks and special guests
* Personalization in investing: Different investors discuss strategy and purpose
* Startup competition winners
* Life and design - a talk by design guru, Philippe Stark

Entertainment 2.0

* Television reborn - the new generation of video content a panel discussion led by Jeff Pulver, Pulver Media including Benjamin Bejbaum, Daily Motion; Nir Ofir, BlogTV and others.
* High performance cars go green - special presenter pending
* Taking flight: Personalized travel in the air - Esther Dyson in conversation with Vern Raeburn (pending)

Technology and society: looking out into the World

* Internet Pollution and how to stop it - Jason Calacanis, Mahalo
* Technology and Democracy: social behaviour in social networks - David Weinberger, Author "Everything is Miscellaneous"
* An example of social networks tackling major social issues - a session in partnership with UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)
* Is anything really open any more? - Marc Canter, Broadband Mechanics, tackles the topic with a panel of open source experts

Official Website: http://www.leweb3.com

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it is one of the high annoyances of upcoming that only the person uploading the event can edit it. but i will add the other event the european new media conferences group, as it is more complete.


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If you are in Paris the week-end before LeWeb3 you are more than welcome at the Sun French offices for BarCampParis (Saturday, December 8): http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/322709

It's free, it's the unconference-style... it's a BarCamp!

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