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Letterpress is again to be celebrated, or so the growing popularity of the process would certainly suggest. Increasing numbers around the world are setting up their own small studios, looking for tuition, or commissioning letterpress within commercial design work. All this thirty years after the process effectively became commercially obsolete. And in spite of the fact that letterpress can be messy and slow, often requires a lot of space, not to mention the considerable constraints it brings to layout, colour, artwork and type. So why do so many people still want to get involved, and how do they make a success of their efforts?
Join us at St Bride Library to review and discuss the phenomenon of letterpress in the twenty-first century through a packed one-day programme of talks, demonstrations and displays of work. Meet practitioners and exchange stories as we bring together the different communities working with letterpress, from printers and designers to students and general enthusiasts. Be inspired and maybe even find out what you need to set up on your own!
Phil Abel – Hand & Eye Letterpress
Claire Bolton – The Alembic Press
Alex Cooper & Rose Gridneff – London College of Communication
Alan Kitching & Celia Stothard – The Typography Workshop
Alan May – Press builder
Harry McIntosh – Compositor and typecaster
John Randle – Whittington Press
Patrick Walker – dust

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