622 SE Grand Ave
Portland, Oregon 97214

Carolynn Duncan (@hundreddollar) will discuss bootstrapping and web business. Bring your questions, ideas and experiences.

Official Website: http://pdxwi.com

Added by duvander on January 31, 2009



I find discussing money to be gauche and distasteful- an improper topic for gentlemen and gentleladies of good breeding and high social standing.


Dang, I am bummed I have to miss this one! Have fun.


@tiesque lol... i look forward to debunking that statement during tomorrow's discussion. :)


This is where I will point out that Mr. @tiesque has a degree in economics :)


Is this the class on counterfeiting?

Jerry Hilts

Well, Mr. @tiesque's statement may yet be true if we work under the assumption that he is gauche, distasteful and not a gentleman of good breeding nor high social standing.

It's either that or he's a big liar. ;-)


@grigs, oooh a funding option that I hadn't even considered.

Maybe we'll just start a new currency, instead ... I wonder what the exchange rate would be for $US Dollars to $hizzow Dollars.


@grigs absolutely. bring your ink, paper, and counterfeiter's license. ;)

Jerry Hilts

Note to self: Be wary of any dollars received from @hundreddollar


Note to self: Be wary of any dollars with a picture of someone I don't recognize (like GeekyGirlDawn or tiesque)


I recognize their faces but I'm not sure I would take that currency at face value.