425 Second St., #300
San Francisco, California 94107

Eric Poettschacher is coming to Abundance League from Vienna, Austria to share his learnings from a two-year odyssey through the global creative community to found Shapeshifters.net.

Eric’s Shapeshifters world tour put him in touch with hundreds of grassroots innovators on five continents and lead to one simple conclusion - we don´t know what we don´t know. There is an abundance of amazing ideas hidden in the cultural blindspots of our minds. As a result, some of the most powerful innovations on this planet remain invisible to those who really need them.

Shapeshifters is a new kind of innovation agency made to transform creative resources into practical opportunities. Eric´s talk and the discussion that follows will explore how Shapeshifters has been building bridges between different worlds of perception, why it pays to explore mindsets that exist beyond our own horizon of experience, what it takes to establish a working relationship between a Sri Lankan monk and a stage designer in L.A., and how you can use Eric’s learnings in your everyday work.

Eric will also explore his quest to make cultural exchange more sustainable and his vision of a new social hardware to take social software to the next level. This vision includes the concept of “Local Worlds” i.e. physical spaces where creative entrepreneurs in remote places like Tajikistan, Vietnam and Nepal can connect with each other and the wider world.

We hope you’ll bring your experience to share as well.

Learn more about Shapeshifters here: http://shapeshifters.net

When: Thursday, May 21th, 6:30-10:00pm
Where: Citizen Space , 425 Second St., #100, San Francisco

6:30 - 7:00 Arrive, mingle, nosh
7:00 - 7:45 Member announcements: come prepared to share your passions, needs, gifts & one memorable cultural experience
7:45 - 8:15 Break - share knowledge, mingle, nosh
8:15 - 9:45 Panel discussion
9:45 - 10:00 Clean up, and as an option, take the discussion to the 21st Amendment, a nearby bar

Official Website: http://abundanceleague.org/2009/03/01/lessons-from-the-global-creative-community/

Added by Neal Gorenflo on April 9, 2009