center town
Toulouse, Midi-Pyrenees

Les Siestes électroniques invites some of the most exalting artists in a cosy park for five years now. Dedicated to adventurous music, we are proud to reach, year after year, quality, hedonism and conviviality.

It’s a quite rare opportunity to enjoy one of your favourite electronic musician laying on the grass under the South of France sun, don’t you think so ?

And we can assure you they were moments of grace at the last edition. Be sure we will do our best to even do better in 2007. We’re already really eager to see what we will happen and we hope you too ;)

They have been invited :
Juan Atkins (Metroplex), Funkstörung (K7 !), Thomas Fehlmann (Kompakt), Justus Koehncke (Kompakt), Ada (Areal), Murcof (Leaf), DAT Politics (Skipp), Modeselektor (Bpitch Control), Schneider TM (City Slang), Jan Jelinek (~Scape), AGF (Orthlong Musork), Vladislav Delay (Mille Plateaux), Brooks (Accidental), Tujiko Noriko (Mego), Marc Collin (Peacefrog), Legowelt (Clone), Colleen (Leaf), Sylvain Chauveau (Fat Cat), Nôze (Circus Company), Ark (Perlon), Phonem (Morr Music), Trapist (Thrill Jockey), Richard Devine (Schematic), Optimo (Kill The DJ) Domotic (Active Suspension), The Konki Duet (Active Suspension), Lusine ICL (Ghostly), Krikor (Karat), Cabanne (Telegraph), Hermann & Kleine (City Center Office), Funckarma (Clone), Rex The Dog (Kompakt), Dabrye (Ghostly), Mike Dred (Rephlex,), Arovane (City Center Office), Ensemble (Fat Cat), Magnetophone (4AD), Donna Regina (Karaoke Kalk), Apparat (Shitkatapult), France Copland (Omerta Registrazione), Bernhard Fleischmann (Morr Music), Midaircondo (Type), Yoshihiro Hanno (Cirque), Kevin Blechdom (Chicks on speed), Taylor Savvy (Kitty-Yo), Gangpol und Mit (Wwilco), Jonas Bering (Kompakt), Masha Qrella (Monika Ent), Aoki Takamasa (OP.Disc), A Hawk and a Hacksaw (Leaf), Daniel Wang (Environ), Softland (SpezialMaterial), Benge (Expanding), Téléfax (Dora Dorovich), Toshiyuki Yasuda (Magadolly), VS_Price (Expanding), Sogar (12K), Opiate (Hobby), Avia Gardner (Intr Version), Hauschka (Karaoke Kalk), Juicy Panic (Impolysons), ARTE Radio …

2007 line-up:
Joakim (Versatile), Isolée (Playhouse,), Charlemagne Palestine (Young God), Pascal Comelade (Because), Pierre Bastien (Rephlex), Superpitcher (Kompakt), Todd Terje (Feedelity), Robert Henke, Sebastien Tellier,Château Flight, Xela....

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