1305 SE 8th
Portland, Oregon 97214

New name, new location, same time, and same great event.

We recently realized that we've outgrown the Jive breakroom, and we've evolved away from the BarCamp Meetup name. So, we've renamed this monthly event to the Legion of Tech Happy Hour, and the event will now be held outside on the back patio of Plan B.

The intent is to get a group of cool people interested in technology together to chat over drinks on the fourth Thursday of every month. Anyone working in high-tech is welcome to attend. Conversations usually range from wikis to open source to blogs to who knows what!

Please RSVP here as attending to help us get a count for the event. You might also want to join the Google Group to get notifications of any changes to this event and get reminders for future events! http://groups.google.com/group/barcampportland

Official Website: http://legionoftech.org/blog/

Added by GeekyGirlDawn on June 16, 2008



Bummer. You move it even closer to my work and I'll be out of town. Oh well... there's always next month.


I know that beer & blog had some issues with Plan B last week. I talked to the owner today, and she said that last week was a fluke (a bunch of people were off on vacation at the same time). She's expecting us on Thursday, and they should have enough bartenders on staff for us.


Oh shoot. I was going to offer to sponsor drinks under the assumption that no one would be able to get more than one. (Kidding. I can't make it.) ;)