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The stuffed bunny on the sidewalk, a love that didn't last, the ugly duckling, old behaviors, childhood dreams. That mitten you dropped somewhere, your first best friend, the 80's (before they came back). An alien pod baby, your family, the slow kid. Whether it was advantageous or tragic, with resolution or unbeknownst to us, we've all left stuff (or someone) in our wake; and most likely, we know what it feels like to have been left behind at one time, too.

Suite 100 Gallery is proud to present "Left Behind," a group show that captures various aspects of what being left behind entails, interpreted by each artist with personal experiences coloring his or her work. From humorous to tragic, the possibilities are endless.

Featuring the work of Andrew Hem, Bl├╝tt, Brad Strain, C.Damage, Dave Bloomfield, Deuce Seven, Juri Ueda, Labrona, Lisa Congdon, Ninjagrl, phoneticontrol, Ryan Bubnis, Soopajdelux, Soule, Thylacine Graphics, and Walt Hall.

Curated by Ninjagrl.

January 11 - February 1, 2008

Opening Reception: January 11, 6pm-10pm

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2222 2nd AVE, STE 100
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