Great George Street
Leeds, England LS1 3BB

Leeds offshoot of the North West Ruby User Group

No clear plan yet, but expect unstructured discussion of Ruby and Ruby on Rails at least. Plus nice people, beer and geeky tshirts.

All welcome!

We'll put a little sign up somewhere so you can find us (in case a bunch of people with laptops loudly discussing Ruby might be difficult to locate)

Update: Photos here:

Added by johnleach on February 3, 2008


Jamie van Dyke

Engine Yard will be funding a beer or two, and will have t-shirts. Don't miss it!

Jeremy Jarvis

I will also personally be funding at least 3 beers, but you'll have to bring your own clothing :D


Battle of the Rails hosts - who can get the most people drunk and signed up to hosting plans by the end of the night.

Looking forward to it, see you all there!


Where's the best place to park? I'm in North Yorkshire at the moment and will be passing Leeds on the way back to Bolton...

Jamie van Dyke

Good question, I have no idea, I decided to take the train! Jeremy, can you show him a google map or something?

Jeremy Jarvis

Hi David - sorry for delay. Have a look at this google map - I've marked some parking places. You might be lucky and get a space on Great George Street, otherwise go the The Light.


You may also be able to park at the University Sports Hall - they sometimes leave the gates open out of office hours - advantage; it's free

Jeremy Jarvis

Was a good night. I counted around 20 turned up.