148 Woodhouse Lane
Leeds, England LS2 9EN

Come and hang out with some of the Carsonified crew before the FOWA Tour in Leeds kicks off in May!

This will be the first time we have visited Leeds so we would love to meet up with some of the locals, get your ideas and thoughts on the tour, chat about all things webby and have a drink or 3. :)

Please note, we have now merged with GeekUp Leeds so the venue is now Old Broadcasting House instead of Elbow Rooms!

Official Website: http://events.carsonified.com/fowa/2009/tour

Added by Carsonified Events on March 26, 2009



GeekUp Leeds will be taking place on the same evening...might be an idea for you guys to join everyone there - lotta crossover with FOWA registrations (http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/2179580/)

Jeremy Jarvis

Any chance you could move this Leeds date? As Imran says, it clashes with Geekup Leeds which on the 15th is actually a "one-off" special :/

Carsonified Events

FOWA Meetup is now merging with GeekUp Leeds so we will all be at Old Broadcasting House @ Leeds Met on 15th!

Jeremy Jarvis

Nice one guys.