2 Beulah St
Harrogate, England HG1 1QQ

Travel from Leeds on the 'infamous' leather bus - possibly the only bus route with it's own website (www.the36.co.uk). Can I suggest we meet in Leeds Bus Station before 10:30am (stand 23; Police Station end). We will be aiming to catch the first service after 10:30. (Harrogate & Dist. Buses no longer give fixed starting times - just that the service runs half hourly)

For anyone driving - we'll then gather at Caffe Nero, Harrogate at 11:30am

Official Website: http://www.flickr.com/groups/leeds/

Added by strawbleu on December 19, 2007


Nuala Bugeye

Hope to make it along this time - but...its the day after my birthday so may be comatose!


Due to requests - this now changed to Saturday!


I may try and get along to it. I could be your cultural attache! (I live in Harrogate)

Guy Hatton

According to the comprehensive timetable available on the site you mention above, the first bus after 10.30 on a Saturday is 10.35, which will just about get you to the bus station (over the road form Nero's) at 11.30. If you miss that, they're every 20 minutes from then on for most of the day.


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