Leeds, England LS2 7DJ

This is not a 'club'; just a social group - turn up, have a drink and talk about anything that comes to mind. Photography is just one of the topics you'll find covered.
Note: The Palace as a location is TBC. Please check here or on Twitter for updates.

Early Birds - Coffee and Speed Shoot
From 6:00pm - coffee at Starbucks @ Borders (Briggate, LS1); followed by a speed shoot (on a theme to be agreed at the event) at around 6:30pm.

Note - don't forget that one of the Leeds group photographers is exhibiting at North Bar (New Briggate) - why not pop in whilst you're nearby?

Note: if you want to be part of the speed shoot but won't be at the coffee shop, look at (or befriend) - we will attempt to post the theme here!

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Warning - if you use the maps above the position for the pub is a little out. If you get to the point displayed and walk away from the city centre 100yards you will pass the Parish Church (on your right) followed by the Palace Hotel (painted an ivory/cream colour - if memory serves)